“WOW! You are brilliant. What a fabulous way of engaging the mind and heart through the use of Adaptation as the conceptual lens to create interdisciplinary understanding. Bravo!.”
Lynn Erickson, Author, Researcher

“The program was brilliant, each lesson was clear and inescapable, and the use of student work beautifully personal. Way to show the students they matter.”
Massachusetts Music Educator

“This program illustrates a great way for orchestras to engage future audiences in meaningful learning.”
Massachusetts Elementary Teacher

“I’m so pleased to know that you’ve taken a concept-based approach, as so much of the “Arts Integration” made so popular by visiting artists these days is nothing more than a drive-by activity.

I really like the way you’ve connected all four events. It seems like it will help you to deepen the experience for the kids, and perhaps help teachers connect the dots in a meaningful way to their existing curriculum.”
Susanne Burgess, Professor of Music Education,
Samford University