During this difficult time, please enjoy free access to the following Learning in Concert videos. We hope that these short video lessons will allow families to explore the ways that classical music connects to our everyday lives and learning.

Parallel, Oblique and Perpendicular Lines in Math and Music


New Series! Gravity in Space and Musical Harmony

Video 1: Mozart’s Harmony imitates Mercury’s Orbit

Video 2: Handel’s Harmony imitates Mars Orbit

Video Number 1: Slide Symmetry in Shapes and Classical Music

Video Number 2: Mirror Symmetry in Shapes and Classical Music

Video Number 3: Flip Symmetry in Shapes and Classical Music


Musical Arrays and Equations: Exploring connections in math and music

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Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms, their music reveals so much about our world. By exploring the ways that these and other great composers shape and combine musical elements in their music, we can discover the representation of real scientific concepts through sound!

Discover how Learning in Concert programs explore authentic and unexpected connections between classical music and scientific domains in biology, environmental science and sustainability, geometry and astronomy.

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Welcome to Learning in Concert! We develop concept-based arts integrated curriculum that explores shared concepts in the music, the arts and sciences. Our curriculum creates opportunities to explore authentic connections that exist between music and the world around us. Examples of Learning in Concert concepts include symmetry, motion, adaptations, gravity, contrast and balance. Learning in Concert’s use of multiple representations allows students to build deep understandings that transcend the artificial divide among disciplines.

Learn about our Learning in Concert Preschool Program: a┬ámusic and science integrated curriculum program for children ages 3-6 that focuses on developing children’s symbolic understanding.

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